Handcrafted Wooden Mandala Frame
Handcrafted Wooden Mandala Frame

Nature’s Harmony: Handcrafted Wooden Mandala Frame

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  • Handcrafted wooden mandala frame inspired by nature’s beauty
  • Customizable design to suit your unique style
  • Adds rustic elegance and timeless sophistication to any room
  • Dimensions: 22″ width x 16″ height x 2″ thickness
  • Perfect as a statement piece or subtle accent in your home décor
  • Elevate your space with artisanal craftsmanship and natural charm


Introducing Handcrafted Wooden Mandala Frame Inspired by Nature our enchanting Multi-Layered Rectangle Wooden Mandala Frame, a stunning homage to nature’s beauty intricately crafted into a timeless piece of artistry. Inspired by the serene elegance of leaves and flowers, this masterpiece seamlessly blends the tranquility of nature with the sophistication of contemporary design.

Each layer of the mandala is meticulously handcrafted, creating a mesmerizing depth that draws the eye inwards, inviting you to explore the intricate details woven into every corner. The warm, earthy tones of the wood add a touch of rustic charm, while the precision of the design exudes a sense of refinement and grace.

Measuring at a generous 22 inches in width, 16 inches in height, and 2 inches thick, this exquisite frame commands attention without overpowering its surroundings. Its versatile dimensions make it the perfect centerpiece for any room, whether adorning a living room wall or adding a touch of elegance to a cozy bedroom retreat.

At Anusaa Creations, we understand that each space is unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to customize the size of your mandala frame to suit your specific requirements. Whether you envision a grand statement piece or a delicate accent, we are committed to bringing your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of tranquility and style with our Multi-Layered Rectangle Wooden Mandala Frame. Elevate your décor and evoke a sense of wonder with this exquisite blend of natural beauty and artistic expression with our Handcrafted Wooden Mandala Frame Inspired by Nature.

Indulge in the timeless allure of nature-inspired design and make a statement that transcends trends. Shop now and bring home a piece of artistry that will captivate your senses and inspire admiration for years to come.

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